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AIM is an independent multidisciplinary research and consulting company that provides research and consulting services to local authorities, startups, civil society and international institutions. AIM is founded in Lebanon and operates in the Middle East and Africa. Its purpose is to achieve human and societal development through our effective, efficient, sustainable and innovative solutions.


Find My Parent was born out of the need for a child-centered mechanism to reunite children around the world with their families, including those abducted by one of their parents. We give the power back to the victims of child abduction using technology that empowers and re-connects families


We are the parents and supporters of abducted children. iSTAND Parent Network is resolved to escalate our voice and action until every abducted, wrongfully removed, or wrongfully retained child comes home.

Tripoli Bar Association

The Tripoli Bar Association, is an independent association of lawyers, that carries out its activities to achieve the public service mandated by law to defend rights and justice.