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iHOPE consists of jurists, lawyers, law students, legal activists and social activists working in the field of women and children rights.
It has proven to be a pioneer in Strategic Litigation, creating groundbreaking legal precedents concerning the Parental Child Abduction phenomenon.
As an independent civil entity, iHOPE has reached out beyond the borders of Lebanon, forming alliances and partnerships with various organizations in the United States and the Arab region.
With this expansion we are able to create a legal clinic serving as a bunker for legal research, advocacy, program and project development to "Help, Offer, Protect and Empower" those in need around the globe.

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Services we

iHOPE provides its services under the following structure covering all aspects of intervention and legal support:
Legal Unit:
he legal unit represents our legal clinic which provides legal discourse, raises awareness, and advocates for civil issues, rights, and concerns at the public and government level for the benefit of a better living condition across all livelihoods by focusing on child and women protection and safety.
Parental Unit:
represents iHope counseling and guidance unit which emphasizes the psychosocial support and community engagement, integration of children and their respective families while fostering them to diffuse their tension and frustration.
Research Unit:
continuously discusses and researches legal and academic topics intending to bring light and promote solutions, resolutions, frameworks, recommendations, and proposes findings to matters concerning children, women, families, refugees, and many other issues impacting negatively our social and community fabric.
Development Unit:
the development units aggregate the outcomes from all the units and construct a framework for interventions and implement solutions at a programmatic level by designing projects and initiatives with local and international partners to implement and create a positive impact and relief based on what the research unit has offered. We transform recommendations into sustainable implementing programs.